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Vertex is a leader in the design, import and installation of wood/ aluminum, all wood, and fiberglass windows and doors to the Israeli marketplace.
Vertex serves the building and construction industry bringing the design, and engineering of energy efficient, beautiful window and door products from top American and European manufacturers to our customers.
In addition to windows and doors Vertex markets shades, blinds, and rolling shutter systems for complete shading and light control.
Our company’s main priority is to give professional, quality service to our clients; at Vertex we personally oversee each project ensuring the highest work standard and customer satisfaction.

• Exclusive Distributors of the Pella Corporation
• Authorized Representatives of Finnova SRl, Neva, and Orgon
• In-House architectural capabilities
• Company Office and Showroom in Kfar Malal (Tzomet Ranana)
• Warehouse Facility in Neve Yamin, Kefar Saba

Vertex BM LTD was established in 2006 by Mordechai Morgenstern and Benny Cohen. Mordechai has 25 years experience in the building industry in the U.S. and Israel, including Environmental Design, Finish Carpentry and Building Supervision. He has been the exclusive importer for the Pella Corporation in Israel since 1998. Benny, a qualified architect, has over 15 years experience in the areas of design, marketing and installation of window and doors and has an outstanding reputation in the marketplace.

Our architectural department will prepare detailed shop drawings of our products including: views, cross sections, and building details aimed at helping the architect, contractor and supervisor coordinate solutions for all needs and requirements of the building process.
Our installation team is composed of permanent, professional company workers, who have undergone special training and have many years of experience in this field. We use quality materials which have proven to be effective and durable for many years.
We are proud to say that our broad, diverse clientele can testify that we practice what we preach. For us, this is a way of life, on a personal, organizational and business level. We will gladly provide you with a list of satisfied clients and would be delighted to take you on a tour of building sites and completed homes so that you may view the quality of work and various product models available
Showroom and Corporate Office: zarhin 10 Raanana | Telephone: 09-7448755 | Fax: 09-7448766 |
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